Classes Start Jan. 8th 2018

Classes Start Week of Jan 8th 2018. Enrollment now OPEN!

WHY CHOOSE to Train with US?

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Oklahoma City Obedience Training Club (OCOTC) has been training people to train their dogs for over 60 years. Every instructor past and present at OCOTC training classes is a volunteer. They volunteer because they are passionate about the well-being of the dogs in their community.

Nearly every recognized breed of dog has been through the school, from pure bred champions to those of doubtful parentage (mixed breed), and a percentage of those graduating from the novice course have continued into advanced work, eventually earning AKC (American Kennel Club) degrees.

  • Classes are held at the OCOTC Training Facility,
    6629 NW 23rd

  • OCOTC focuses on the encouragement of interest in Obedience training and showing of all breeds of dogs; the holding of classes for the purpose of instructing individuals in the proper procedures of training them to train their dogs in obedience; and the encouragement and holding of Obedience Trials under the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club (AKC).

  • The club is a not-for-profit organization.

  • A Therapy Program provides training for volunteer dogs and handlers for doing therapy work in local hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and shelters and for disaster relief.

  • ThLast year the older UKC website (by the way I really like the look of the new website) listed one of the criteria of forming a new Nosework club as having: 10 members, 5-members who have titled dogs in Nosework, or attending Nosework classes would qualify also.e OCOTC Scholarship Program

    Provides some financial relief for a veterinary student at Oklahoma State University who is in their third year of Vet School.




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    All Obedience Classes Call 405-942-2388 Lv Msg Obedience email Karen Allen

    All Scent Work Classes Call 405-641-2548 Lv Msg Scent Work email David Gallant


    • Next Classes Start Jan. 8th 2018!